If you are willing to overcome financial stress and want to gain financially freedom then keep on reading..

In the journey of life, financial stress has been a major issue.

The major outcome everybody want to achieve in other to move from stress zone to surplus zone is generating extra income.

The biggest outcome is to have financial freedom. Financial freedom is having more passive income than expenses.

Basically, this is where you have more income coming in to COVER UP EXPENSES.

When your expenses is more than your income, you're struggling financially. So, there is a starting point.

The starting point could be learning about financial education, starting your own business or selling other people's products to earn a commission to meet extra expenses.

There are 2 major areas of financial freedom

These two major areas are signals and pointer to financial freedom


There are necessities that you can not avoid in the journey of life. These are what you can not shy away from which basically consume MONEY.

The worst part is that they don't understand the language of I don't have money. When these necessities of life knocks at your door, you can't run away from it. In fact, you will meet it ahead of you.

Life will demand for these necessities and if you don't do anything about it then life can be a miserable.

These necessities are essentials of life and if not properly taken care of, it can make one a slave season and time.

Imagine your you can't pay your children school fee, you can't afford your rent, you can't fix your car, what of fueling of generator, fueling of your car, and other related necessities like medical bills, electrical bills and cable bills.

How would you feel?

F E E L BAD!!!


When you hit this necessity freedom and have enough money to take care of all these necessities then is a signal that you have financial stand.

But if you are still struggling in the necessity zone then you need to work on your financial skill.

Stay tuned for the second pointer.