Success and failure are not accidentals. Both respond to the law of cause and effect or sowing and reaping. This law state that "for every effect, there is a specific cause or series of cause."

At the same time taking responsibility is also vital to success. You must take responsibility if you want to undo what the law of the Iron Law of Universe had imprinted into your life and career.

You must learn not to blame anybody for your failure, mistakes, misfortune or any negative thing that happens to you.

Taking responsibility is the first thing you must put in place. When you blame others about your situation, you will remain in pain of regret. Pain of regret is grievous. What brings the pain is the BLAME MENTALITY you allowed or permitted

Responsibilty provokes RESTORATION. RESTORATION is easy when you respond to your ability. ALL THINGS are possible for him that believes. You must believe that YOU CAN CHANGE THE SITUATION FOR GOOD.

What are these 3 hidden requirements for success.

1. DECISION: This is making positive decision about your situation. You take your stand and map out strategically the next line of action towards your goal. You stand on your feet and position yourself for success.

The process of decision will cause you CRITICAL THINKING AND MINDFUL MEDITATION about what and how to get there.

2.DETERMINATION: This is making up your mind to give it what it takes to achieve your goal. In the place of determination, you count the cost and you are ready to PAY.
When you lack determination, you lack definition and distinction.

3.RESOLUTION: This is when you resolve to PAY THE PRICE.
You resolve with the heart of dedication that you are ready to PAY THE PRICE. The PRICE you are paying is an investment into your life and destiny. Every successful men in the planet are full time investors.

It is time to take responsibility and make a difference in life and destiny. Don't forget price precedes prize. Every successfully MEN who received standing ovation today was once a disaster. They became a MASTER today because they overcame DISASTER.