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*During the Nigeria-Biafra* civil war, *many Igbo people fled* other parts of the country for the East because they were being wantonly massacred and the Federal Military Government did little about it.

*Many abandoned their homes, property* and business for reasons safety.

*One of those who fled,* was a young Igbo architect who had a young Yoruba banker as a neighbour in Apapa, Lagos.

He also *abandoned his home* and with his family, fled for the East.

However, the young Yoruba banker, while the war raged, *rented out his neighbour's house* and kept every kobo for him while he was in the East.

In 1970, after the war had ended, the Igbo architect returned to Lagos and *the Yoruba banker handed over the entire proceeds* of the rent and also the house, to the Igbo architect.

A few years later, *the Igbo architect became the Vice President* of Nigeria and the Yoruba banker established a commercial bank; the first of its kind by a private citizen in Nigeria.

But *he could not get a license to begin* banking operations. Banking institutions stood against him.

Then the banker remembered his neighbour *who was now the Vice President* of Nigeria

He had tried to get an appointment to see the Vice in his office *but it was without success.*

He and his wife then *decided to track him* to the Christ Church Cathedral, Marina, Lagos on a particular Sunday.

In the Church *the security men would not allow them near* the Vice President.

The couple then decided to sit by the pew close to the aisle *with the hope that the Vice President would see them* as he walked to the front row.

Yet, he still didn't see them.

After church service, *they believed he will see them* on his way out but people around him and the security men blocked them.

That was when the banker's wife decided to take that feminine risk and *pulled the Vice President's attire* to get his attention.

*The Vice President turned* and saw his old friend and his wife.

*The young banker quickly narrated his plight* and told the Vice why he needed to see him.

He told him about his application for a bank licence.

“Don’t worry about tha,. *Just come tomorrow* the Vice President assured him.

At 3.00 pm the next day, the *Finance Minister called the banker on telephone* that his licence was ready. End of story.

That young banker was *Otunba Michael Olasubomi Balogun* while the architect in this narrative was *Dr. Alex Ekwueme.* the then Vice President of Nigeria.

The bank is what is now known as *First City Monument Bank (FCM.*

See...! It is good to be good... Let's always show love and honesty to ourselves.

Allow sincerity to be your logo.

*Think good and do good unconditionally.*
Saw this from another forum. We might have read it before but let us take the lesson in it.

A young lady has gone online in search of a suitable partner to marry, revealing that the person must be able to cook, clean and willing to relocate to the US.

@luxury8201, a tweep, said: "I’m AA, 6.2, way over 30’s with a baby boy look, can’t cook, can’t clean & I might be who you looking for."

Another said: "You are looking for House help not Husband."🤣