Corel Draw For Beginners

Our two weeks intensive online video training on graphic designing with certificate inclusive, get materials and template for free for your practice purpose, I don’t have enough money to learn Coreldraw, this is an opportunity for you, don’t miss out.
We are going to take you from novice to professional with our quality videos, you can do this at your comfort zone, at your home if you are a student, and also if you are of the working class, it’s strictly online all you need is a browsing phone or a laptop, we just need 2hrs of your time before the end of 24hrs in a day.
Receive your certificate upon completion of your class, our certificate is with a well known tech company (Osjay Tech Innovations), outside this skill you will acquire from this course, the certificate issued to you can also give you a job.
Apply now thank us latter.

1. Is this tutorial real and legit: of cause its real, I have burth countless of online courses but one common error they keep repeating is that, you don’t have 100% access to the tutor, being it an online tutorials does not mean that the instructor attention can’t be drawn when needed, But we assure you that in this tutorial you can message instructor aside the online class (course page) via whatsapp if you need explanation you didn’t get through the videos.
2. Is it through that free design template will be given after the end of the course: yes as far as you are a student we dimed it fit that at least you should have a working materials an already made templates both the one that was design in the tutorial and some other good template that you can start with.
3. How do I receive my certificate and what is the course duration: let me answer the first question, you will receive your certificate upon completion of this course via email for print. Also the duration for this course is within 2 weeks, but if you can perfect all within a week you are good to go, as we make the tutorial as easy as possible, only if you complete the videos and pass your text, you will receive your certificate in just one week, but the course duration is two weeks.
4. Is there any additional payment after application: there is no additional payment after application, the #5,000 fee is for the certificate we are offering you, the tutorial is free of charge, you are paying for the certificate because we are partnering with a well known registered tech company (osjay tech innovation), which is in charge of your certificate so the #5,000 payment is worth the certificate.
5. Can I take this class with a mobile phone: you can the class with your mobile phone provided that you are connected to the internet and to download the course videos, though some phone maybe very sophisticated I highly recommend that you at least have access to a laptop computer as you will have to practice what you have langth at the end of every class, but if you are sharp enough and you feel using mobile phone is ok by you no problem, provided you pass the text at the end of this course to receive your certificate.

Note that you can only access this page after registration if your account has been approved,

to apply whatsapp: 08145672280, for account approval thanks.

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Corel Graphics Design

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