Naira marley is one of the most popular artist in 2019, soapy is his sixth song in 2019 and the song was released just a few days after he was released from prison, for a song he sang with his friend popularly known as zlatan, zlatan is also another popular artist both were arrested few weeks after the release of the song “ am I a yahoo boy” which is believed to contain some online fraud messages.

Zlatan was released first why nairamarley was released after the order of the Ikoyi high court.

Talking about the naira marley soapy, this song after it’s release created a lot of controversies as people were some how divided on the opinions about the message the song was passing across, a lot of criticism was sent the way of naira marley.

As most people felt the song encouraging masturbation among the youth especially the boys (men), while others opined that it is just a song that was dropped to make listeners fill better and forget about every sorrows that bothers them, or state of mind.

Soapy was dropped exactly on the 27th of June, 2019 to an amazingly awesome reception from most Nigerian music fans.

The song came with video and was also accompanied by a dance step called “soapy”, this dance is currently trending nation wide. And due to its popularity the song is breaking a national barrier by creeping to the African countries as well.

The video was published on YouTube, on the 9th of August, 2019 and in about three weeks, from the day it was released it has gained over three million views as at then, that is probably a hit on the Nigerian music industry.

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