How To Improve On Your Communication Skills


Communication is one of the major problem for most people, there is a concept in the sales world called kiss versus kill. Which basically means keeping it short and simple, versus keeping I log and lengthy.

Just trying to give you some brief summary of where am heading to, now how does this article help you in every day life, it shows you how much of a difference the way you communicate can affect other people.

It can affect their decision to like you, buy from you, help you and to trust you, here are some techniques you can use, to improve fully your communication skills.

  1. Emphasize your speech when needed with pauses, making use of pauses can be very very effective and important we can emphasize different parts of the message and can also help deliver a more powerful communication.

Pause can be very powerful and trough more light and emphasize different parts of the message, here is a quick example of this before we move on, by using the exact same sentence as before, however this time we are laying more emphasis and taking advantage of pauses, the following skill is probably the single most needed and most important skill in terms of the overall conversation ability, if you can lay hold of this and master it and make it part of you, you will be able to have endless conversations with pretty much anybody else.

  1. Let your focus be on quality: the second lesson in order to improve vastly your communication skills, is to focus majorly on quality of your speech. If you can try to remove all types of filler words for example words like; “I guess” and “well you know”, these kinds of words have no use and bring absolutely no value to the conversation and they literally mean nothing.

They are only used for example to drag the conversation out, and definitely it take much longer to get to the point. Take this sentence for example “what did you do this winter? Well I had an okay time, I went snowboarding for the first time with same of my friends and it was actually a lot harder than it looked.

Now compare it to this one: what did you do his winter? My friends and I went snowboarding, it was actually my first time and it was a lot harder than it looked; you notice how the second version is much more shorter but it has the same information , but it sound more confident and this time even more sophisticated.

Instead of using words like this, that clutter the overall conversation, why not try to use pauses for a better effectiveness.

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